Terms & Conditions

The reservation system of our website makes a reservation request where the passenger receives information about its development within 24 hours.

All our prices include VAT and there is no additional or extra fees.

For a successful reservation payment amounts to 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

The passenger must complete within 48 hours from the request and send the receipt to [email protected]

National Bank

IBAN : GR7901108080000080800218572



Upon completion of the reservation, the passenger will receive a confirmation email for its successful completion.

The passenger can cancel by contacting us:

1. By calling the contact numbers.

2. By sending an email to [email protected]

3. By using the online chat.

If the cancellation request is made in less than 15 days, there is a cancelation fee that amounts of 50% of the total amount plus  the transaction costs if any. 

  • If the passenger cancels the reservation at least 15 days prior to arrival, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded except of the transaction costs if any.
  • Cancelation may occur due to weather conditions for safety reasons. In that case we’ll refund you the full amount of the deposit without any transactions fees.

The service provider (boat cruises & transfers) may use pictures or videos taken during the use of such services following consent of the persons appearing in such pictures or videos, for promotion purposes only (in social media, websites, flyers etc). Any wish of the client not to make use of such material will be fully respected by the service provider.

Passengers must fully obliged to the safety instructions referred at RIB Tours

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